Transcription Tips

How you present your audio transcription work to us will make a big difference to the time we take to do it and therefore the cost to you.

  • Ensure your dictation is clearly enunciated and reasonably paced.
  • As much as possible keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Start your recorder a breath before you start dictating as the initial words can sometimes be lost, this is also true if you pause or otherwise interrupt your dictation.
  • Make sure that all related documents are attached to the audio file when it is passed to us, any reference to an attached file in the middle of the dictation will only be noticed by the typist when they get to it and this may be at 3 a.m.
  • Clearly label your dictation when sending it to us to make sure everyone knows what it is about, this helps us spot the occasional mistake where duplicate dictation is sent to us and allows us to correlate your work if separate files are related.
  • Spell out names that will not appear in a dictionary or don’t exist as industry standard terms – at least the first time they appear in the dictation to help aid accuracy.